Terms and conditions

The present terms and conditions regulate working conditions between:

Ewa Stepkowska Designs

Organization number: 919151382

Address: Åmotveien 2, 1389 Heggedal


+47 486 111 53

Further known as a Photographer and a person who is ordering a photographic service or/and a person who is purchasing pictures further known as a Client.

Purchase of the session via website www.fotografewa.no is equal with acceptance of conditions of these regulations.


1. Session reservation

If the client wants to book a session with the photographer, he/she must pay the session fee via www.fotografewa.no by choosing the session type and following the steps through our systems. 

Secondly, the client has to provide the order number received in the payment confirmation and the chosen date of the session to the photographer. Session fee doesn’t include pictures.

2. Payments

We offer payment option such as:

* Debit/credit card payments via Stripe system

* Klarna (products purchase only)

The client chooses the type of the service/product, adds it to the cart and follows the steps at our checkout. When the payment is confirmed, the client receives an invoice on provided email address.

3. Cancelations

It is possible to cancel the reservation free of charge up to 48 hours before the planned session. If the clients wishes to cancel the session, he/she must contact the photographer as soon as possible and not later than 48 hours before the scheduled session.

a) Money return:

The amount paid by the client will be fully refunded on the card that was used to make the payment within the 30 days after the money back was requested.

In case of cancellation less than 48 hours before the scheduled session, the refund is not possible.

4. Date change

The client may request a date change up to 3 times without any consequences. The date change must be done unless 24 hours before the session. The fourth date change request equals loosing the session fee and scheduling another session appointment will cost another session fee. The photographer has right to change the date or cancel the session without giving a reason.

5. Session

  1. Throughout the whole time of the session parents take full responsibility for their children.
  2. Photographer takes no responsibility for children’s safety throughout the session.
  3. Clients are responsible for damages in the studio and in photographer’s equipment made by themselves or by their children and in case of such situation, will be charged for it. 
  4. It’s strictly forbidden to take pictures by session participants with a cell phone or a camera throughout the session. Only photographer takes pictures throughout the session.

It is strictly forbidden to use your camera or a phone camera during the session by the customers.

Pictures delivery

6. Pictures preview

Within the 30 working days the client will receive a link and unique password to an on line preview gallery with pictures secured with a watermark. The gallery is open for 3 days after it’s been sent to the customer. Within the 3 days, the client has a possibility to select the images and products he/she wants to buy. When the pictures are chosen, the client can place the order and make the payment with a debit card. 

7. Prices of digital, high resolution pictures:

The price depends on the amount of chosen pictures. The more pictures the client buys, the lower the price per picture is.

From 1 to 4 pictures, the price is kr500 per one picture

From 5 to 9 pictures, the price is kr380 per one picture

From 10 to 14 pictures, the price is kr320 per one picture

From 15 pictures, the price is kr290 per one picture

Images are delivered in JPG format, sRGB color profile. Photographer takes no responsibility for printing digital files by the client.

Digital pictures delivery:
Digital pictures are being delivered automatically right after the payment is confirmed.
If a customer purchases digital pictures, he/she will receive them automatically after the purchase, on an email address that was provided at the checkout.
Pictures are send as attachments in the email together with an invoice.

When buying digital files, the customer is responsible for the backup and storage of the images. If the customer purchases the pictures sent via the link, the customer is responsible for downloading the images and saving them in a secure place before the link’s expiration date. 

8. Physical products

a) Prices of physical products:

*Saga Album, 25x25cm, 12 pages – 

The album includes all images from the preview gallery – 6499nok

*Image box 20x25cm, + 10 images chosen by the client, printed on a hard cardboards – 4499nok

*Image printed on a hard cardboard 20x25cm – 699nok

Touch print 40x40cm Image printed and mounted on a mdf plate. Side colour: oak. – 3499nokTouch print 40x50cm Image printed and mounted on a mdf plate. Side colour: oak. – 3599nok*Touch print 50x70cm Image printed and mounted on a mdf plate. Side colour: oak. – 5499nok

*Touch print 100x100cmImage printed and mounted on a mdf plate. Side colour: oak. – 9499nok

After placing the product order via the website www.fotografewa.no no further changes in colour/size/amount can be done. 

b) The Offer availability:

The unique gallery remains open for 3 days since the date of its publication. 

The pictures are kept for 3 months on a Photographer’s hard discs. After the 3 months pass, client’s pictures are being removed from photographer’s hard discs. After the 3 months has passed, there’s no possibility of getting the access to the digital high resolution pictures nor to the gallery. *It is not allowed to copy and distribute images from the preview gallery.

9. Physical products delivery:

There are two delivery options:

Shipment costs for orders up to 5500kr is 220kr. For orders above 5500kr shipment is free of charge.

*Local pickup after scheduling a suitable date for both photographer and a customer. (free of charge)

Due to the custom production process, delivery time takes up to 30 working days after placing the order. The photographer always tries to shorten the delivery process if possible. Changes in delivery may apply if there are holidays interfering with shipment dates. 

10. Complaints

The information about damaged goods must me sent to the photographer within 24 hours after receiving the product. In other case the return and reclamation will not be possible. The costs of products return covers the client.

11. Refunds and returns:

Due to the custom nature of our products, refunds are only possible if there is a visual damage of the received product or if the received product is a different product than the one ordered by the client. The client must send the damaged product back and the refund or a new product will be sent to the customer. The customer has right to decide if he/she prefers a refund or a new product.

*Returns and refunds of digital files are not possible.

12. Words about copyright and ownership:

All photos from the photo session have Ewa Stepkowska Designs copyright and the rights belong to Ewa Stepkowska Designs also referred as Fotograf Ewa. All scanning and reproduction of printed images is strictly prohibited. 

When buying digital files, a “limited ownership” is given to the images under the following conditions: The digital photos are for their personal use and can only be given to family and friends. The digital files cannot be resold or used commercially.

13. Sessions during Covid-19 pandemic

The Client comes for the photoshoot at his own risk. The photographer takes no responsibility for Client’s health issues during, before and after the session.

14. Conflict solving

If any problem occurs, the customer can contact the photographer directly on the phone +4748611153 or by sending an email at post@fotografewa.no and request to find a best possible way to solve the occurred problem. The client has also right to contact Forbrukertilsynet under the number: 23  400  500  or via email:  www.forbrukerradet.no.